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Writing For Your Life

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The pen is shackled to a solitary tango, the length of a novel, on blank expectant paper. She dances on her nib to ward of boredom, undresses into unwritten folds of a paragraph intent to [...]

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Distressed picture frames empty of memories hang on walls empty of attention, in a house empty of family. There was a time when laughter bounced around rooms, sofas filled with bodies, arguments threw pillows, and [...]

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I get the appeal of Vikings— wayward, loud, non-conformists, cement walls of determination. There’s little plan or purpose in the margins of a marauder’s life. Vikings don’t carve to-do lists, intuition isn’t fancied up with [...]

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  • pieces of dark chocolate on a worn book

One Vice

It was Saturday night. We were having dinner, my roommate/ex-boyfriend/pseudo husband and I. [...]


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