I learned at an early age that if I wanted to live, I needed a place to put my emotions. Writing served that purpose. It allowed me to put my feelings outside, on paper, and by writing I felt better. So, I wrote more and felt better more, and on life went, with me writing about it. Not: proper writing, though, I was just writing in journals.

In the fall of 2003, I met writing teacher Jack Grapes. I was completing a masters’ program, and for my thesis, I decided to write a novel. Quite a stretch for someone who believed she was not: a proper writer.

As I took Jack’s classes I began to hear something different in my writing. It was sort of new and sort of familiar. I was shocked. I began to wonder who was writing my pieces. I began to witness the power of creativity at work through me. And I began to fall in love with my creative voice.

Having been in the classroom with Jack for over 16 years, and since I’ve been teaching my virtual writing classes, I know that everyone who has a voice can write. I don’t mean a metaphorical voice I mean how we talk. That is our superpower.

In my Method Writing classes, the first thing I teach is how to write like you talk. How to get your individual, amazing: nobody has it but you, voice onto the page. And once you start practicing that, you, too, like me, will witness the power of creativity that lives inside you.

The Power of Creativity

1) We all have it

No, not me, I’m not a writer, you say. Or: I’m not creative. What I know to be true and what I say to my students is: Yes, you can write, even those who think you can’t. Anyone who can write can write if you get my point. Anyone can paint too. Anyone can learn a new language and some learn more than one. Others learn to play a musical instrument or to sing. I’m not saying we’ll all be masters of our creative craft, but we can all learn how to express our creative essence.

2) We have to choose

Choose to get off the sofa, choose to step into your life, choose to explore our creative nature, because creativity is already part of whom we are. Not like some alien monster inside, but the pure essence of you at your finest. That’s where creativity resides. It’s your secret genius. Creative Genius lives in us, just as blood circulates throughout our bodies, bones help us move, and air helps us breathe.

3) We can’t lasso Creative Genius by the tail, it has to be witnessed

As David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. so aptly says in Power vs Force: Genius and Creativity are subjectively experienced as a witnessing; it’s a phenomenon that bypasses the individual self or ego. He is not talking about IQ sort of genius but pointing us towards the infinite internal power we all have. Talking about the creative/genius, he goes on to say: Because they are in touch with an endless source of supply, geniuses experience only a minimum of want—for there’s no need to ‘get’ when you already ‘have’.

Nobody has walked in your shoes. Had your stories, your loves, your losses, your joy, or your sadness. Nobody in the whole world, except me, has lived my experiences. We have similar experiences, yes, but not even my sisters who went through chunks of my life with me experienced it the same way as me.

How I language my experiences is personal to me also because I am the only person who talks, well who talks like me. And you are the only person who talks the way you do. That is what makes your voice so individual. Capture that as a writer and you will have your reader turning page after page.

Jules Swales in nature laying on a tree branch looking up and thinking creatively