Review from my mentor Jack Grapes

“Jules has studied with me for years, mastering the concepts of Method Writing so well that often during class I’ve had her lead the group so I could sit back and learn from her. She is empathetic to each person’s needs, clear about the concepts being taught, and effectively blends each lesson so the whole group benefits from her insights into writing and being a more positive life force. I’m so glad she’s going to spread the word of Method Writing and touch so many people’s creative lives.”

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Happy Student Reviews

I didn’t know that learning Jack Grapes Method Writing would impact my 3 Principles experience too. I thought I was just learning to write better. When I learned the JGMW I learned how to get out of my head, how to recognise when I’m in a story, and how to let life flow through me. I use the JGMW concepts when I’m talking 3 Principles to show the effect of them on my life rather than trying to explain the impact of the Principles.

– Maria Iliffe-Wood
Author of Coaching Presence

Jules Swales is a treasure chest of wisdom. An ever-evolving student and teacher of the human path, she possesses an uncanny ability to bring me back to my inner knowing and to my greatest potential and peace.

Whenever I need professional or personal recalibration, or partner to sift away my thoughts, or a giant scoop of clarity, I go to Jules. And then, again, all is perfectly right and with ease in my world.

– Lori Lennox,
Executive Leadership Consultant,
Best Selling Author – Ignite Your Life for Conscious Leaders

I never considered myself a writer. In fact, I had to force myself to ‘just write anyway’ because I wanted to tell the stories of the men in prison that my team and I work with. I wrote blogs and articles and I could see they were good enough, and I learned to enjoy writing, sometimes. I’d been keeping notes for an eventual ‘book’ but I could never see myself as an author. That all changed when I did Jules Swales Method Writing program.

There were so many changes that I could write for hours but I don’t want to bore you! I learned about different techniques. I learned about finding my voice. I learned about having an impact through images, so important. I learned about how to stretch my mind to way beyond what I thought I was capable of. But. Most of all I learned about me. I discovered a genius hidden in the depths of my mind that was joyful at coming out to play. Now I never have writer’s block. I never struggle. I never shy away from letting the genius find her voice and I learned how to stay out of her way. Jules is a wonderful teacher, patient and straight forward, she ‘tells it like it is’. She totally believes in you. She is a white witch, crafting her spells with you to create the most delicious concoction with a delicate balance of love and determination.

I’ve now completed two of Jules’ programs, just signed up for the 3rd and I’m knee-deep in that book I mentioned. I’m excited about the shape it’s taking and have found the joy and fun in writing.

– Jacqueline Hollows
Beyond Recovery

Have you ever been humbled by the majesty of genius? The journey there is not for the faint of heart. You have to stand vulnerably in your own power and hear your own voice beyond the familiar, beyond the conditioned chatter, and beyond the love of your own story. You have to be willing to submit to a voice within that is much deeper than the one you are now in touch with, that familiar one whispering in your ear and speaking loudly through your ego.

If you want to discover and mine your own deep voice as a writer, artist or human and to be humbled by the majesty of your own genius then learn Method Writing. Jules Swales will lend her genius to help you experience yours.

Thank you, Jules. I love you reminding me of why I showed up to do this work. For me it wasn’t to learn to be a better writer, although what a gift that’s been. For me it’s always been about seeking out my voice, being startled by it, shocked by it at times, soothed, delighted, distressed, mesmerized at its range and just in awe that it’s alive within me. Learning how to paste my voice on the page with good writing, yep, that’s what I want to do. ♥️♦️♥️

– Linda Pritcher

“Oh, you’ve got to write a book!” I heard this all the time but when I tried to write it, within a few pages I was so bored with my own writing. I gave it up. I thought: “I’m just not a writer.” Then I stumbled into Method Writing. Through the practice of first learning how to “write like you talk,” then adding tools to discover my deep voice and create a scene, I started writing stories that drew people in, that touched them. Next, through practicing “the four voices” and continuing on to explore the other tools of Method Writing, I found my voice as a poet. I have now been published widely in literary journals in the US and elsewhere.

– Elya Braden

Julie Swales introduces Method Writing in a compelling and sophisticated way. Her depth of knowledge in the material is apparent which is used to push her students into their best work. She has a wonderful sense of humor, matched with her ability to stay on track and at times bring dry content to life. It was a delight to watch my own and the other students deepen and develop our writing voice over the 7 weeks and explore new ground together. Whether you are a seasoned writer or a novice I highly recommend this program.

– Sarah Steel

When selecting someone to learn from, and with, it is important to pick someone with the quality of life you desire. Jules is creative, inspired, caring, and insightful. She lives life fully and is skilled at helping others get in touch with their own inner wisdom and well-being. I hope you have a chance to learn what she has learned that accounts for such a beautifully rich life.

– Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D.
Retired Psychologist, Psychological Educator,
Co-Author of Coming Home

This experience has opened things up for me. It has been a self-coaching experience. By following your directions and just writing from the truth of who I am I have seen distinct expansion in my appreciation of it all. It’s not been so much of an insight as a melting away of the clutter that I knew was there but was just part of the experience I had gotten used to. Insights are great but they often, for me, don’t in themselves change of behaviour. The way I’m showing up in the world has changed and I thank you from my soul to yours for that expression of you and the work you do.

– Alan Milledge

Working with you makes me believe in the goodness of a teacher (I’ve had very few) and a human being who cares.

– Renu O’Connell

Jules is a passionate and gifted teacher who shares an approach to writing that has completely transformed my relationship with creativity and my own writing. Her classes are engaging and enlivening. With her guidance, I have uncovered my unique voice: an expression that is authentic and moving, according to friends and colleagues with whom I’ve shared some of my work. It’s even moved me, at times, in unexpected ways. More importantly, I am so encouraged to continue the excavation of my personal experience via the written word. Jules’ approach provides direct access to that deep voice inside and has given me the confidence to share it.

– Mitchell Bakst

Jules’s vast experience in personal coaching and staffing is matched by her intuitive ability to understand how different people work and what is important to them personally. She is able to identify potential conflicts before they arise and help diffuse conflicts when they do.

Most important, she cares. She is the rare person who can give you support to avoid problems rather than just react to them. It’s hard to find this combination of experience and intuition.

– Tomas J Swan III

Jules’ Method Writing Class far exceeded my expectations. Jules is crazy brilliant and guided me to places I didn’t think I could go in my writing. She’s a master at creating a safe and supportive space. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of this writing method, along with her clear and loving feedback, made each of us better writers. If you are considering signing up for this course, don’t hesitate!

– Sandra Koenig
Transformative Coach

I have worked with Jules both individually and, for almost two years, in one of her creative groups. Here are some words I use to describe her: Present, Attentive, Awake, Grounded, Aware. Jules will meet you at your heart with her heart. She will connect in the true definition of the word.

Jules attends to what arises with a clear mind and soul and without any presuppositions. She is able to pay attention to details that may otherwise get missed and with grace and kindness, will always be direct and honest. Jules Swales is an exceptional Human Being.

– Carolyn Ziel
Author, Huffington Post & Thrive Global

As a Type A, full-time working mother, I am often completely stressed out of my mind!

There is no one that calms me down or puts things into perspective like Jules. No matter the issue, she has a way of helping me work through it that leaves me calmer and more prepared for the crisis at hand.

I have worked with her for eight years and don’t know what it is about her, but her ability to mediate life’s stresses is unparalleled. Not just with the challenges that come in navigating my household, but managing just about any issue that seems insurmountable in the moment. I often call her completely crazed, and somehow leave our conversation rational and level headed.

She is a miracle worker!

– Marissa Devins
Talent Agent

Reviews of My Poetry and Writing

A special collection of poems!

By Danielle

I’ve heard this author read her works locally and when I discovered that her first book was available I was excited to buy it. This is a special collection of poems! This book is an extraordinary journey that travels upon profound, at times uplifting, and deeply personal waters. I could feel the author’s courage left bare on the page. If you like honesty, wisdom, and unfiltered emotion wrapped in the occasional ribbon of laughter, you will LOVE this book.

Beauty in truth

By Rory Holland

There is something raw and almost too personal about Jules’ writing. She is truth telling her own story, but in a way that invites us all to look at ourselves, our experiences and our history, both critically and generously. Her poems are testimony to her love of words and evocative images. This is poetry to revisit as seasons change in the year and in our lives.

My heart was opened!

By Sarah

Julie Swales has captured the emotional journey of the human in her book, “I Want A Stonehenge Life” I was moved from tears, to laughter, to deep compassion and feel so grateful that she chose to share her stories with such raw truth. If we could all have such courage the world would be a brighter place!

I Want a Stonehenge Life