After 20-plus years of working with more traditional psychology models, I had thriving businesses but was still not happy.

Then I learned about Sydney Banks’ “Three Principles.” The Principles didn’t point to pain or the past, but rather towards everything in me that was not that. At last, I didn’t have to struggle through life continually trying to fix myself. This was life-changing for me.

Through my understanding of the Three Principles, I began to see what Sydney Banks meant about not being afraid of my experiences. Instead, Life became lighter. I felt more resourced from the inside. And every area of my life has improved.

I am excited to bring this understanding and freedom to the lives of others, so you too can experience more loving relationships, greater happiness, and creativity in your work.

“A teacher can only lead you to it (wisdom) via words, hoping you will have the courage to look within yourself and find it inside your own consciousness… beyond the words.” – Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

Reflect for a moment how you respond to the bad driver on the freeway, or to the person who broke your heart, or the boss who fired you, or the childhood you grew up in. Over the years your emotional reactions become automatic, like when the doctor taps your knee with that rubber hammer and your leg shoot ups.

What if, with a slight shift in understanding, you had the power to choose your response?

I support you in moving through difficult times in your life. I help you connect and see that your mental conditioning isn’t your real state of being. And I show you how to access your deeper wisdom.

What if it really was that easy?

It can be. In fact, many of my clients have been amazed, shocked even, at the ease of this work.

Through your understanding of the Three Principles, you will experience the transformative gift of inner spiritual understanding. It is your natural state of being, your birthright.

Personal Mentoring

One-to-One Mentoring Sessions

For someone like me who struggled with over-responsibility for decades, it was music to my ears to realize I was not responsible for other people’s upsets. But. This also meant that nothing and nobody outside of me was (and is) responsible for mine. Radical responsibility, people, and with it the greatest freedom in your life.

First, we have a complimentary, informal talk so we can learn a little about each other. You may be new to the Three Principles or you may be a practitioner. Whatever your current understanding, you’re in the perfect place for us to begin.

This is not “forever therapy.”

We start our work together with a “2-to-3 day intensive,” then meet once per week for the next 4-to-6 weeks.

We’ll meet via Skype or, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, in-person.

I am excited that you’ll be joining me on this journey!


Jules Swales


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