Jack Grapes’
Method Writing
Virtual Program

Have you always wanted to write a book?

Do you want to write something that will have the reader turning page after page?

Have you always dreamed of writing but have never taking a class and have no training?

Jack Grapes' Method Writing

Whether you’ve written before or not. Whether you’re a writer who writes by themself or go to a cafe for camaraderie. Whether you’re 20-years-old or 94, or any age in between. This program is for you.

The only requirement is your commitment to being a better writer.

If you journal each day, write “morning pages,” or participate in a writing program, you’re developing the discipline and practice of writing, which is great. You’ll learn how to write more, but not necessarily to write better.

Jack Grapes’ “Method Writing” teaches you to be a better writer. I guarantee it :).

“Method Writing” uses a series of concepts and exercises to help the writer activate creativity. And, “Method Writing” does more than just describe the techniques. It takes you step-by-step through a process that empowers your writing and strengthens your unique voice.

This is so much more than just learning to write. It’s about learning the difference between talent and genius, and learning the skills that encourage genius rather than the egoic safety of talent. THAT creates better writing.

“Accidents of genius often trump the skills of talent. As the quote I found in a fortune cookie said: ‘Talent does what it can, genius does what it must.’

This idea lies at the heart of all the concepts in Method Writing. The writer focuses on the exercise, and out comes unexpected revelations of characters, story, and plot. This is the secret of process.”

– Jack Grapes’ “Method Writing”

It comes down to the difference between telling your story and letting your story be told through you. I’ll show you the latter.

“Every art has a method, and all the methods boil down to the same thing: the specifics of process, the craft of the invisible form.”

– Jack Grapes

Jack Grapes has been teaching writing for over forty years. Helen Hunt, Felicity Huffman, Hank Azaria, Laura Dern, and Rebecca De Mornay are just a few of the students who have graced his classes. “Method Writing” is taught in Los Angeles and is now finally being offered as a virtual program.

“Jules has studied with me for years, mastering the concepts of Method Writing so well that often during class I’ve had her lead the group so I could sit back and learn from her. She is empathetic to each person’s needs, clear about the concepts being taught, and effectively blends each lesson so the whole group benefits from her insights into writing and being a more positive life force. I’m so glad she’s going to spread the word of Method Writing and touch so many people’s creative lives.”

– Jack Grapes

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“Oh, you’ve got to write a book!” I heard this all the time but when I tried to write it, within a few pages I was so bored with my own writing. I gave it up. I thought: “I’m just not a writer.” Then I stumbled into Method Writing. Through the practice of first learning how to “write like you talk,” then adding tools to discover my deep voice and create a scene, I started writing stories that drew people in, that touched them. Next, through practicing “the four voices” and continuing on to explore the other tools of Method Writing, I found my voice as a poet. I have now been published widely in literary journals in the US and elsewhere.

– Elya Braden, elyabraden.com