Eight-Week Virtual Method Writing Course

Strengthen your voice and empower your writing!

Based on Stanislavski’s “Method Acting” and Viola Spolin’s theatre games, this program has been a standard for the Hollywood crowd (actors, directors, screenwriters) and those in the Los Angeles area for decades.

Now for the first time, Jack Grapes’ Method Writing© is available for you as a virtual program. Improve your writing, no matter where you live, and become a part of this global collective.

Spring Classes Begin April 2021

Purchase before March 19th to save $50

  • Have you always dreamed of writing but have never taken a class?

  • Do you have a story inside you that is just itching to be written?

  • How do you get your reader to turn page after page?

It’s simple. You just log in to your live classroom via Zoom Conferencing at your scheduled class time.

Which Course is Right for YOU?

New students join us for the Entry-Level Course

Entry-level students focus on a series of concepts and exercises to help activate creativity, plus expand and deepen their voice. Whether you’ve written before or not, and no matter what your age or skill set, this program is right for you.

Continuing Students join us for the Advanced Level courses

Advanced level course students’ start with Level Two, Working The Four Voices, an experimental dive into the power of tonal dynamics.

Review from my mentor Jack Grapes

“Jules has studied with me for years, mastering the concepts of Method Writing so well that often during class I’ve had her lead the group so I could sit back and learn from her. She is empathetic to each person’s needs, clear about the concepts being taught, and effectively blends each lesson so the whole group benefits from her insights into writing and being a more positive life force. I’m so glad she’s going to spread the word of Method Writing and touch so many people’s creative lives.”

Review from Jack Grapes